• AMST was founded by Art Mulder (pictured below with one of our trucks) in 1971 as a small family trucking business, and remains in the family today. 3 generations of family have joined together to keep the company strong and growing. The company was built on the principle of service and AMST continues to operate under the principles Art founded the company upon. Our number one goal is that our service is on par/exceeds your expectations leaving the customer completely satisfied.

    Art Mulder
    Located in Holland, MI conveniently close to I-196. We are the first choice in West Michigan for warehousing and transportation needs. We love to serve those in our community and surrounding areas, as we have a long list of local businesses that rely on our services every day. No matter where you reside, you can be rest assured to be treated like our neighbor. See our location and contact us here.

    We offer warehousing and transportation logistics of frozen, cooler, and dry freight. We have a niche in the market for customers with multi-temp shipment needs. We can ship any combination of frozen, cooler, and dry on the same trailer providing maximum versatility to our customers. We have roughly 60 trucks/150 trailers and are constantly growing our fleet to meet demand.

    All drivers are company drivers, professionals in their line of work. We have always strived to hire the best drivers we can find to best serve our customers.

    A friendly, knowledgeable staff to serve our customers. We like to get to know our customers, meet them, and establish relationships. Our company wants your repeated business, and is willing to go the extra mile to establish you as a long-term business partner.

    Mulder Bros Brokerage is available as another tool to extend our shipping coverage. Freight that goes beyond our fleet's normal coverage, may be handled through our brokerage.

    Mulder Logo
  • Frozen, cooler, and dry capabilities.
    Long-term, short-term, and emergency storage with cross-dock availability.

    We pickup, store, and deliver. We can manage it all, making it easy on the customer.

  • Cost-effective. We know our customers are trying to turn a profit, and we want to help them do just that by keeping costs on logistics affordable.

    Service, service, service. We want to make logistics worry-free for the customer. Our service is accurate, on time, and friendly all the time every time.

    Versatility. Truckload or LTL shipments. We specialize in LTL, and this sets us apart from the competition. We have multi-temp shipment capabilities. Have a combination of frozen, cooler, and dry to ship? Not a problem for us. With our multi-temp reefers, we can partition off your freight and maintain each compartment at a designated temperature right up until delivery.
    Dedicated. We own all our own equipment. Our drivers are all company drivers. Our fleet is well-established and ready to meet your demands.

    JIT, expedited, drop trailers, spotting. We can do it all.

  • Going Green

    Constantly looking for new ways to conserve fuel. This has dual benefits. Saves us money, and helps save the environment. What we've done so far....

    1. Cut idle time. By installing APUs in our trucks, drivers can have heat in the winter and A/C in the summer without running their trucks. A truck not moving just shouldn't be running.
    2. Installed super single tires on trucks and trailers to boost fuel economy.
    3. Installed trailer skirts to boost fuel economy.
    4. Limit truck speed. By slowing our trucks down, we've gotten much better fuel economy. Slower trucks also has a positive impact on the safety of our drivers on the road.