1. Truck Driver
    1. Our main need is for OTR and Regional drivers.  “Local” driving positions are limited.  Feel free to apply for any position, but OTR and Regional is mostly what we’re looking for.
    2. Benefits of driving for AMST
      • Home time! Be home most every weekend. It is rare that our drivers are asked to stay out over the weekend.
      • Great Pay! A pay system that includes pay for mileage, stops, pickups, drop and hooks, unloading, detention time. On top of all that, there are incentive programs in place to enable drivers to make above and beyond the norm.
      • Valued! Being a family-owned company with values, we treat all our employees very well. Most of our dispatchers have driven truck in the past, and have a solid understanding of what the job entails.
      • Our goal! Have long term driver retention, which means doing all we can to make AMST a great company to drive for. Unlike other companies, our office team knows what it is like to be a driver and out in the battlefield. The owners, dispatch, safety manager, and human resources all have CDLs and fill in where needed. We never lose site of the daily struggles of being a driver.
      • Benefits! Good health insurance, paid holidays, paid vacation time, 401K, per diem and direct deposit.
    3. Details of the job and compensation
      • We run out to the Midwest to the east coast and down south (about 1 truck per week going east of New Jersey and we do not do anything in New York City)
      • OTR drivers are guaranteed 2200 miles per week mileage pay (providing driver meets provided guidelines)
      • Miles paid off of PC Miler (Practical miles) Zip code to Zip code and we use newest versions
      • Drivers are home for at least 34 hours or more every weekend
      • OTR Starts out at 0.40 cents per mile (plus our unloading pay package)
      • Driver also has hourly rate used for vacation pay and other forms of pay
      • Each stop/pick/drop and hook paid
      • Blanket wrap Loads (folding the blankets) - paid extra on top of stop pay
      • Chicago area pays extra for each stop and pick up
      • Full pay for empty miles
      • Detention pay per hour, starting 3rd hour from appointment time or arrival time if after appointment time
      • Flat tire, paid an hourly rate once dispatch is called until fixed
      • Equipment broke down, driver is paid his/her hourly rate until fixed, minus 8 to 10 hours in a 24 hour period
      • AMST pays $50.00 a month towards your cell phone bill
      • Fuel bonus program
      • 6 paid holidays. Plus drivers going out or coming in on a holiday are paid an extra bonus
      • AMST pays for Showers, weigh scales, lumper fees, toll roads (all trucks equipped with I-Pass)
      • Our unloading option lets drivers make even more money, stop pay $10.00 plus driver unload, 1-4 pallets pays another $15.00 / 5 pallets $20.00 / 6 pallets $25.00 / 7/8 pallets $30.00 / 9/10 pallets $40.00 and so on
    4. Want more home time? Consider our Regional Driver position.
      • Regional Driver Starts 0.36 cents per mile (4 or 5 day work week)
      • Home all weekend, 5 day schedule, start on Monday and finish up on Friday (start and end times will very)
      • 4 day schedule, Start on Monday and work through Thursday or start Tuesday through Friday
      • Less than 4 days is considered part time help (Part time help welcomed)
      • Regional Driver stop and pick up pay is different from OTR
        • Stop Pay $25.00 (no lumper receipt)
        • Hired Lumper flat $10.00 for the stop
        • Pick Up Pay $30.00
        • Driver has option to unload and make more money, Stop pay $25.00 plus pallet count amount above
    5. Apply to drive truck for AMST online now! Or stop in for an application.

  2. Warehouse
    1. Part-time and full-time positions available.  Day and night shifts.  Ability to work weekends is a requirement.
    2. Forklift loading and unloading
    3. Ability to drive a spotter is a plus
    4. Other functions may include hand-stacking freight, counting and marking freight,  fueling reefers
    5. Opportunity for advancement
    6. Apply online now! Or stop in for an application.

  3. Mechanic
    1. Part-time and full-time positions available.  Day and night shifts.
    2. Especially interested in experienced reefer and diesel mechanics
    3. Co-op/trade school/skill center co-op positions available
    4. Apply online now! Or stop in for an application.

  4. General Application - If you would like to apply for a position other than driver ,warehouse, or mechanic this is for you. Most likely you've heard of this position open from somebody at AMST. Apply online now! Or stop in for an application.