Mulder Brothers | AMST
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Backed by AMST.  Other brokerages have no experience in trucking.  They operate by selling your freight to the lowest bidder.  They’ve never owned a truck or delivered freight on their own.  We, on the other hand know trucking inside and out.  We have a fleet to back our brokerage.  This sets us apart.  AMST and Mulder Bros are partners in transportation and make a powerful team to serve our customers.

Maintains the same standards as AMST when it comes to high-quality service.  We do this by partnering with carriers that have a like-wise commitment to service as we do.  These partner carriers carry our name when they haul our freight, and we do not take that lightly.

Has all the same capabilities as AMST.  Can handle frozen, cooler, and dry freight.  LTL or truck load.  JIT, expedited, drop trailers, and spotting.

The Mulderbros team can be reached by calling 616-312-1083 or emailing